reebok easy tone

Since i always wanted to work out on a gym but i have no time for it..  This new sneakers from  reebok would definitely help me... Easy tone is designed to help give definition to your legs and butt with no more effort than it takes to walk (as a matter of fact, a page on their website claims that you get benefits from just standing in place).. The EasyTone makes use of balance pods, which are designed to create natural instability that increases the activation of key muscles, resulting in 11% more activity in your calves and thighs, and 28% more activity for your glutes. Hope this one really works for me.. Lets find out and see..

mens fashion

Since ive always post latest gurl fashion i forgot to post some mens trend so here it is now for male fashionistas..

This is the latest plaid fashion for males. A fashion to steal ...

just be careful not to overdo it.  If you're pretty understated, go for quiet checks in grey, brown, navy blue and bottle green, and if you're more of a style extrovert, try livelier colour combos (red and black or red and brown, for example). 1. www. 2. 3. Marithé & François Girbaud
If your the rebel type try 
This look has a skater boy feel, and style creates the image of a casual, modern-day lothario. Hoodie, faded jeans, brushed cotton jacket or coar, hip trainers, bold accessories and voilà! 1 - Longboard autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Benetton shiny shoulder/tote
3 - Celio polyester belt

the urban casual type 
Casual urban style from the States (T-shirts, tracksuits, crumpled (easy to iron!) shirts, chinos, jeans and baggy trousers) is embraced by men all over the world. 1 - Napapijri autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Benetton leather shoes with perforated toe-cap
3 - Eastpak "Buddy"  bag

Suited men 
This season's trend is for fitted jackets , with either one or two buttons. Go for straight or wide trousers traight, large even, without turn-ups. An alternative is the 3-piece suit which is back in, plus the double-breasted suit has made a comeback in the designer collectionsHow to wear
Avoid black or charcoal, which are often too formal. Suggest lighter greys, or taupe and navy for a change. Experiment with tie colours and textures. There are no set rules here, but don't forget that bright colours add a bit of personality to dark outfits.
Stylish accessories (belts and shoes) will set off a suit. Another way to wear the 3-piece is to swap the waistcoat for a dark sleeved or sleeveless cardigan. 

1 - Paul Smith London autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - H&M cotton shirt
3 - Celio ties and croc-style wallet
casual suit 

Ideal for everyday, the urban look goes down well with guys who don't have to wear a suit and tie every day. Think denim with classic shirts, merino or cashmere sweaters, narrow fine wool trousers and smart shoes. 1 - WE autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Celio "Cicase" bag in imitation leather
3 - Gap green and white gingham shirt

the retro man 
Each season we see a revival of a different decade in style, and this year it's the 1940s that are at the forefront. Colours are soft, with lots of beige wool, argtle and polka-dot accessories.1 - Burberry autumn/winter 2008-2009 collection
2 - Sisley wool-effect sweater
3 - Firetrap jeans

vintage look
Harris Tweed, virgin wool, corduroy and oiled leather. As far as patterns go, stripes and herringbone twill à la Prince Charles are creeping in. Vintage clothing is the epitome of masculinity, so if youre a true gent at heart youre sure to love this relaxed but sophisticated look!  1 - Desigual autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Marc Ecko woollen waistcoat
3 - Paul Smith round toe leather shoes
the rocker
Long live rock! Jeans are rock uniform, but if youre done your homework you'll know that this season they're narrrow (but not skinny), in blue or faded grey. Don't forget matching items are the key to the 'arty but rebellious' look: wear with a coordinated or rock slogan T-shirt (The Stones, Bowie, etc.). The classic black leather jacket is also making an appearance in grey, white, and blue, and a Blues Brothers hat is a must-have accessory!
1 - Lee autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Gap hat
3 - Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars shoes

Sharp cuts in navy and charcoal grey are in, brought up to date with military or sporty details that make all the difference between schoolboy and oh boy! Watch out for piping, flannel and wool, along with retro chic short jackets and duffel coats. With care! College pieces can look uber stylish, but dressing head-to-toe like a prefect can look plain ridiculous! Take one piece of clothing or accessory at a time, and remember a preppy style suits slim figures better than stocky ones! 1 - Sisley
2 - Burberry wool cap
3 - Eastpak backpack

the bad boy 
Stop going too oversized. There's a fine art to baggy clothing: just a bit too big can look strange, but far too big can look plain daft! Steer away from loud logos and you'll look far classier.
1 - WE autumn/winter 2008-09 collection
2 - Eastpak "Floyd" backpack (with laptop compartment)
3 - Dr. Martens leather biker boots

2009 fashion collection


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attack of the tartans

Tartans are also called plaids, checkered clothes.. Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven cloth, now used in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. (Tartan is also known as plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder or a blanket.)
My must haves are a plaid shirt to wear with leggings or jeans or a plaid skirt paired with a simple black, gray or white top.


80's trends are back


No neutral colors. In the ’80s, people were either crazy-bright and colorful or in severe all-black. The ’80s essentially boils down to these two concepts: a glittery bustier/party dress, a bright spandex dress. You can break these two pieces down into separates: just a full tutu-skirt or just a bustier top; a stretchy tube skirt or bright leggings. Once you have your ’80s piece, add some cool layers, like a white button-down knotted at the waist, a slouchy jean jacket, or blazer. Don’t forget some black tights or leggings. For shoes, try simple structured ballet flats or some sort of crushed lace-up boots. Go light on the jewelry, and let the focus be on the clothes. Add simple earrings, like hoops or studs, and leave it at that.

80's bubblegum punk 
the strong shouldered look