fashion for less

Fashion is a concept that we are all interested in to some extent. Anyone who watches television, or buys magazines that show people wearing clothing supports fashion. Celebrities are the biggest fashion billboards in media. Commercials and catalog no longer depict what is 'in' style, but rather, whatever celebrities are wearing is what we want to be wearing. We have all seen our favorite celebrities dressed in designer clothing and have said one of two things: (a) What ever possessed him/her to wear that? Or (b) Wow, I love that outfit, I wonder where I can get it? The latter of the two is usually followed by "If I could only afford that!" There are many trends that women are looking to follow this season, and it is very possible to spend thousands of pesos on one outfit, and on a new wardrobe to keep up with these short-lived trends. That outfit that you love, or the style that you crave can be obtainable for a fraction of the cost. There's a lot of way to look fashionable without spending a lot of money..

first is you have to be updated of the latest fashion.. You do not want to go out and spend a fortune on an entire wardrobe full of colors that will be outdated in three months. Instead, buy some key pieces in the season's hottest colors. Your best bet is to stick with a few key articles though, rather then spending too much on an easily outdated wardrobe.

alter clothes, you can buy cheaper clothes at a tiangge or bazzar stores try to alter by cutting and or sewing..

accessorize ... add accessories to your new wardrobe or even clothes that are on your cabinets for a long time.. invest on the latest accessories to make the old clothes more updated and fashionable..

and if you're really on a tight budget go to trift stores, on sale items or best recommendation is an ukay store, in Manila-speak, Ukay means second hand / salvation army clothes that were sequestered from relief goods, bought in bulk and resold real cheap in dinghy retail stores. But technically, Ukay means Hukay/Halukay, which literally means "dig", so that means any sort of real cheap find anywhere else around the world can classify as ukay.


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