great jeans to have right now

1. acid wash: This 80's gray and acid wash looks elegant paired with sharply tailored jacket and pumps by Victoria Beckham. More celebs are wearing it right now.

2. distressed, ripped up, worn out, busted at the knees-the hard-livin’ look is the latest in haute dungarees.

make your own:
STEP 1: Bunch areas on old black jeans and pour a bit of Clorox on each. When you’re happy with the color, rinse out the bleach.
STEP 2: Sand the knees and the fronts of the thighs with heavy grit paper.
STEP 3: Slice the areas you want ripped and pick apart the fibers in the weave.
STEP 4: Machine wash and dry your version-twice. That distresses clothes even more.

3. polished look: glamorous, and makes legs more longer and leaner.
4. stitchless: Its seams are heat-welded closed, not sewn-and last just as long as those done with a needle and thread.
5. skinny: One common misconception when it comes to slender cuts: You have to have dimensions approximating a toothpick to look good in them. In fact, “skinny” refers to the leg opening, not to the body that should go in it. The rules for a perfect fit are universal. “You always want a pair that’s flat around the tummy, has the right amount of stretch, and just enough give at the knee-with no sagging,” says Victoria Beckham, creator of DVB Denim. Get inspired by Beyonce in a dark wash.

6. Rock N' Roll: there’s no shame in indulging your love of studs and faux leather. Swap out your Cheap Trick top for a simple sheer blouse like the one Leighton Meester wore with her Stella McCartney skinnies.


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