rehydrate your dry, flaky skin and lips

It is important to keep yourself hydrated and well moisturized inside out if you want to have lips to die for. Dry, scaly lips are usually the result of not enough hydration and can be best avoided by changing your diet to consume naturally hydrating foods. Eat lots of proteins and vitamins and green leafy vegetables and fruits to keep your stomach clean and healthy. Also, drink plenty of water all day. The result will show automatically on your body.
Augment this care with a good lip balm that you can carry with you everywhere you go and reapply it whenever you feel your lips are dry. Also use the lip balm at night to hold in the moisturizer so that you wake up in the morning with soft lips and not scaly, dry ones.
You can make your own lip moisturizer at home by mixing two tablespoons of coconut oil and almond oil and massaging it into your lips. Use this at night and wake to beautifully supple lips in the morning. Or take two teaspoon of Aloe Vera, mix two drops each of Chamomile and Geranium oil and blend them together. Keep the mixture an airtight container and use it as a lip balm. You can even blend eucalyptus oil with either Chamomile or Geranium oil to Aloe Vera, in same amount, to make different kind of lip balms.
A simple do-it-yourself home treatment to remove old skin takes only a small scoop of Vaseline and an old toothbrush.

Step 1:
Put some petroleum jelly with your lips.
Step 2:
Use the old toothbrush to massage it in a circular motion.
Step 3:
Wipe off the excess petroleum jelly with tissue paper.
The purpose of the toothbrush is to remove the old skin on the lips while the petroleum jelly leaves your lips very supple. Do it a couple times a every day until your lips are no longer dry.
Don’t Lick or Chew Your Lips
Each time you lick or chew your lips, compulsively or under stress, the saliva present in the mouth breaks down the cells and makes them drier. This can cause bleeding, infection and soreness. Avoid lickung or chewing your lips. Using a lip balm will make your lips feel hydrated enough so you don’t feel the urge for running your tongue over the lips at all.
Other great ways to get rid of flaky, dry lips are:
  • Milk cream can be applied many times on the lips to remove the dry dead skin and to make them smooth
  • Dry, flaky lips can also be rejuvenated with a liberal application of pure coconut oil on them
  • Many people keep wetting their lips with their tongue, which makes the lips dark in color and loose the moisture. Stop wetting lips with tongue rather apply moisturizer
  • Grind rose petals with cream and apply on lip to cure the severe and chronic chapped lip
  • Apply olive oil on dry lips
  • Applying glycerin on the lips with a little honey to it is considered an effective way
  • Dry lips can be a sign of your body being dehydrated. Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun’s blazing rays. Whenever you go out in the sun wear sunscreen on your lips
  • Applying castor oil on badly dried lips helps them to retain their smoothness
See A Doctor
Often a bad digestive system shows up as bad skin and flaky lips. So check with your doctor to rule out any possibilities of internal illnesses before you can take care of your skin and lips.
Dry hands and feet are mostly caused by winter, summer weather, excessive bathing, low humidity, wind, air conditioning, heating, strong soaps. Dry skin is most common in lower legs, arms, flanks, and thighs.

home remedies

Natural treatment For dry hands: Rub oatmeal on hand, wash and put hand cream or lotion.

Drink regularly a glass of warm milk mixed with 2 teaspoons of almond oil.

Blanch lemon grass and drink several times a day.

Blanch scented geranium leaves in boiling water, strain, cool and use as a face wash.

Apply avocado paste on the skin.

Apply baby oil on the dry skin

Rub coconut oil or avocado oil on the afflicted area.

Home remedy for dry skin: smear honey on your body and wash after 5 minutes.

Fill up a tub with milk and warm water and dip in.

Blend oatmeal, Vanilla extract and baking soda. Add to a tub with warm water and sit in for 30-60 minutes.

For dry cracked skin: Apply glycerine oil on dry hands and feet.

After shower, dry and put regular sesame oil on skin.

Make sure you drink enough water daily and take evening primrose oil, 2 caps of the strongest kind daily.


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